Categories are used to group your products to allow for more logical searching and browsing of your site. You can assign products to more than one category, for example a football shirt may be in both your sports and your clothing category, this allows you to advertise your product in several different sections of the website.

What do the icons mean?

There are 9 action icons available to use within the category management browser:

  • Magnifying Glass Icon: View the products within the selected category.
  • Edit Pencil Icon: Modify the settings of the category of how it appears to your customer.
  • Create Sub Folder Icon: Allows you to create a sub folder of the current category.
  • Enable/Disable Icon: Toggles the category from being enabled to disabled.
  • Homepage Icon: This icon allows you to display the product on the homepage.
  • Tabbed Navigation Icon: Toggles the category from being displayed in the navigation bar.
  • Mobile Icon: Toggles the category from being enabled to disabled when viewing on a mobile device.
  • Delete Icon: Allows you to delete the category, providing that it has no sub-categories and that no products are assigned to it.
  • Reorder Icon: Allows you to sort your categories using the drag-and-drop functionality. * For changing the position (left to right) within the navigation you will need to go to the 'Ordering' section under 'Settings'.