For an explanation on product types on Liquidshop magento, see article linked here.

Adding and managing products in Liquidshop Magento 2 is easy with the new back office.

To add a simple product, take the following steps:

From your back office, on the left hand side, click Products then click Catalog

In the top right-hand corner, click the arrow next to Add Product then click Simple Product

This will open the new product page. 

Fill in any product information you wish to use on this page. The following options are available by default:


Enable Product - This is whether you want your product to be live on your site or not. (Yes/no)

Attribute set - Attributes build up a products' specification. Select the attribute set that is relevant to this individual product. For more information on attributes, click here. (Add link) 

Product Name - This is the title of your product. This will appear on the front-end of the site. Mandatory field

SKU - This is the unique identifier for the product. You can leave this blank and the system will automatically assign a SKU or you can use your own. (note you cannot use the same SKU for multiple products on Liquidshop Magento)

Price - This is the price of the product. Mandatory field

Tax Class - This defines whether your goods are taxable. (Taxable Goods/None) (Other tax settings can be added if needed)

Quantity - This is your stock level.

Stock Status - Defines whether your stock is available to order or not. (In stock/Out of Stock)

Weight - You can define whether your product has weight or not. This is used for postage. (This item has weight/This item has no weight)

Categories - Set which categories you would like your product to appear under in the front-end of the site. 

Visibility - This defines whether your product is visible on the site. (Not Visible Individually, Catalog, Search, Catalog & Search)


Description - This appears on main page in the front-end of the site.

Short Description - This is a snippet of the description that's viewable under the price of the product on the front-end. A short overview of the product.

Configurations - This is used for configurable Products. For more information on Configurable products, click here. (Add link)

Images And Videos - Here you can add product media. This will be visible on the product page.

Search Engine Optimization

URL key - You can set a custom URL for the product. Alternatively you can leave this field blank and the system will generate a URL.

Meta Title - This is the page title for the product on the front-end of the site. This can be left blank and the system will generate one.

Meta Keywords - SEO content

Meta Description - SEO content

Customizable Options

Very similar to a configurable product, this allows you to define custom options for your product.

Product in Websites

If you are hosting multiple stores on Magento this is where you'll select which store the product will be displayed on.


These are options that will define how your product page will view on the front-end of the site.

Schedule Design Update

This tool is used to make design changes on a schedule.

Gift Options

You can choose whether you want a gift-message feature to be available on your product here. (Yes/No)

Downloadable Information

Tick this box if your product is downloadable. (i.e a piece of software)

Once you have set all relevant product information, go to the top right corner and click Save