Page forms in Liquidshop allow you to get vital information from your customers, be it for contacting you about general enquiries, feedback about the site or your service or to request a quote. You can set up page forms within the back office of Liquidshop.

Firstly, you will need to go to 'Pages' and then 'Page Forms'. This is where you can view all of your page forms that have been created. To create a new page form, simply click 'Add Page Form' as highlighted below.

You will then be taken to the following page where you will need to enter the following details - 

  1. The form name, relevant to the form as this will appear on the website page.
  2. Here you will need to add an email address. This will receive all information sent by a customer who fills the form out.
  3. This will be the title of the email when you receive it.
  4. Form header text will be what you want to tell the customer before they fill the form out. This could be simple text explaining what the form is for.
  5. This text field will be any necessary information you wish to provide the customer with after the form has been sent. 
An example of all of this can be seen in the image below. Once the information has been filled out, simply click 'Add This Form'.

You will now need to edit the form and add the form elements such as name, address and email. To do this we will now need to select the edit pencil on the right hand side of your chosen form, under 'Actions'.

When you have clicked on the edit pencil, you will be taken to the following page. Here you will be able to edit any of the content within the form and you will need to select 'Add a new page form element", as highlighted below. 

The next page allows you to add a page element for the form which will require you to enter the following - 

  1. Element Name - for example, 'Customer Name' or 'Contact Number'.
  2. Element Description - this can be used to help the customer fill out the form.
  3. Element Type - you can choose what element type you wish to have, such as a text box, check box or any others as shown below.

    If you choose check box, select box or radio button, you will have the option to add multiple options at a time as shown below.

  4. Element Options - If you choose to have a text box, you can choose how many characters the customer can enter. With a text area, you can amend the size of the text area but there is no character limit.

  5. Email Copy? - If this element is an email, then the customer can receive a copy of the form.

  6. Is Element Live? - this is if you want the element to be enabled or disabled.

  7. Required Field? - If you specifically require some information off of a customer, then you can enable the element to be a required field.

Once you have completed all of your form elements, you will now need to add it to a page. If you already have a page set up then you can go ahead and select the edit pencil button as seen below under actions. (Don't forget to enable the form when you are ready to publish)

When editing the page details, there is a drop down menu where you can choose your form you wish to add to your page. The form will not appear within the RTE are, but instead you can use the page preview, once saved.