When an order is placed for an item that you have set up for supplier despatch, an automated email will be sent to them.

The email contains details of the product ordered, any relevant options and customer order number. A link is also provided for the supplier to action the various states of the order, thus enabling them to move the order through the process for you. Each time they do this a new email is sent to them for updating when they have completed that part of the process.

Additional detail;

The automated email can be resent to the supplier if required, this can be actioned within the order detail by clicking on the envelope icon.

The timing of the automated email can also be changed, by default it will be sent on order transaction completion (pending), but can be changed to be sent when the order is moved to into processing.

As an alternative to email notification, an order data file can be collected from a specific 'Supplier FTP folder'. (contact support for further information)

To set up your delivery supplier.

From the side menu 'Shipping' and then tab 'Delivery Suppliers'. You will see a list of any delivery suppliers that have already been set up and to the right clicking on the green button 'Add Delivery Supplier', you will be able to add a new supplier. 

If a supplier has already been added, clicking on the magnifying glass will display products assigned, edit pencil, to edit supplier details and green tick / red cross to enable, disable supplier.

By clicking on 'Add Delivery Supplier', you will be taken to the following page - 

Here, you will have to fill out the delivery suppliers details.

  • Company Name - Delivery suppliers company name.
  • Contact Name - Point of contact at that suppliers company
  • Company Address - Suppliers address
  • Account Reference - You may have an account number/reference with the supplier.
  • Email Address - Email address for the supplier's company. This email address will be used to contact the supplier when an item in an order is required to be despatched by the product supplier.
  • Phone Number - Contact phone number for the supplier.

Product setup;

Once the supplier has been created you then need to assign your products to that supplier. You action this by editing the appropriate product and then from the 'Shipping' section you can select the supplier from the drop down menu.