An overview of the causes of incomplete orders.

  1. What is an incomplete order?

    There are many reasons to why an order fails and ends up in your incomplete orders section.

    To help you understand this SagePay have supplied some error messages to the actions. Not all actions are traceable so some user errors still remain with no notification. These messages can be viewed within your SagePay VSP account with the transaction details.

    An order appears in your incomplete section when a customer proceeds to SagePay to process payment but doesn’t complete the transaction, this could be because:

    • The user clicked the cancel button
    • The user was inactive for 10 minutes and the session expired
    • There was a breakdown in communication between LiquidShop and SagePay
    • The user entered incorrect payment details
    • The user failed your Fraud Screening Rules, such as the address not matching the address the payment card is registered to
  2. I've got an incomplete order that I've received payment for

    You may find that you have an order that has gone through to the Incomplete Orders section of your backoffice that you have received payment for, the most common reason for this is that the customer closed their browser window before SagePay was able to send LiquidShop confirmation that payment had been processed successfully.

    When a customer does this, LiquidShop assumes that payment for the order was not received and moves the order into ‘Incomplete’.
    Another reason to trigger this type of situation usually occurs when there is a delay from the merchant clearing the card. There is a limited time window for holding a customer whilst your website waits for 'callback', thus results in an incomplete if this expires. Sagepay on the other hand can resubmit the transaction up to 10 minutes later, at which point it is to late for the website to receive a 'Successful Callback'.

  3. Hints and Tips

    For every order that comes through into LiquidShop, be sure to check in your SagePay account that the payment has been received, and also check that for every payment you receive through SagePay that there is a corresponding order in LiquidShop.
    Incomplete orders can be managed, by moving to 'Pending' to process in the usual manner or to 'Cancel', the latter can be useful if you wish to follow up in a customer service manner.