Within Liquidshop you can set up vouchers. These are codes which the customer can use to get a discount of a product, delivery charge or total order price.

You can set vouchers up within the back office of your website. These will be found under 'Promotions' and you will see the tab 'Vouchers'. Here is where you will find any existing vouchers you have set up and you can filter your vouchers to find any that are enabled/disabled and current/archived vouchers. You will see the button 'Add Voucher' to the right as highlighted below.

When you click through to add a new voucher you will be taken to the following page.

The content boxes are split in to two. 'Voucher Details' and 'Voucher Availability'. We will firstly look at 'Voucher Details'.

In the first box you will need to add a voucher label. This will appear on the front end of the site within the shopping basket, once the customer has applied the voucher. Below this will be the voucher code, which you can either auto generate or come up with yourself. Next will be the 'Apply To' section where you can search for products by their name or their product code. Here you can apply the voucher to the following - 

  • One Product

  • BOGO Voucher - This is a buy one get one offer. You will need a main product and then a secondary product which can be the same or a different product. an example of this can be seen in the image below.

  • Multiple products - You can apply the voucher to a range of products based on categories and/or brands as shown below.

  • Delivery Costs - By selecting a shipping zone you can give the customer a discount on their shipping zone as shown below.

  • Order Price - This will give a discount of the total order price. This will not be a discount from the shipping charges.

Below this is the amount you would like to discount with the voucher. this can be done as a monetary or percentage discount. once you have done this you will need to select either 'Enable' or 'Disable'.

The second section of the voucher set up is Voucher details. The first part will be to add a voucher date if you want the voucher to run from and to a particular date. If you want the voucher to be ongoing without a ending sate then you can leave this field blank. The next field will ask if you want to add a minimum spend and example is shown below.

You can then choose who can use the voucher - 
  • Everyone - Can be used by any one (A user must be logged in to use the voucher).

  • Customer Group - If you have set up customer groups then you can apply the voucher to one of the groups as shown below.

  • One User - You can apply the voucher to just one user by entering their name in to the content box. Below this is the 'Number of Uses Available' section. If you select any of the user options, you can choose how many times they use the voucher as shown below.

The last section of the voucher set up allows you to apply the voucher to 'Existing Customers Only' and 'First Time Buyers Only' as shown below.

The final part of the set up will be to select 'Add Voucher'. Please note that only one voucher can be applied to one order at a time.