You can set up an Order Output file to export your order information to an FTP area. This can then be picked up by a third party EPOS or Stock control system, depending on your needs. 

You will find this feature if you go to 'Database Tools' in the back office and select 'Order Outputs', this page will display any order outputs that are already set up. From here you can enable/disable them or edit their content. If you do not have any order outputs already set up then you will firstly need to upload a file template with the fields you want to export to the FTP area. To set this up you will need to select 'Configure an Order Output' as highlighted below.

As previously mentioned you will need to make a CSV template containing any field that you want to be exported from the order which you can see an example of below.

You will then need to upload your CSV or XML file and map it accordingly .

Whilst mapping the CSV file you will need to fill out the following fields below.

  • Template Name - This is the name of your order output as it appears in the back office.
  • Filename Configuration - The filename configuration is how you will want it to display in the FTP area. By putting {ORDER_ID}.csv/.xml, your order file will appear as the order number.csv/xml. For example, you will see it as 1234.csv/xlm.
  • Order Date Format - This format will display the date and time of when the order was placed.
  • Description of Upload - This is the description of your order output. For example, the description could be Order Output CSV.
  • Output in FTP Directory - By selecting yes, this will upload the file to your FTP area.
  • 'Send Output in Email?' and 'Send Output as Attachment?' - You can choose to have an email sent to an email account of your choice with the CSV/XML file included.
  • Email Address and Email Subject - This will be the email address you wish to have the order file sent to and the subject of the email.
Once you have done this you can choose to enable it now or disable it for now until you are ready to use it 

The template fields on the left are from your file column titles (headers) as shown below, these should be mapped to appropriate system fields from the drop down. The check boxes next to the drop down menus will duplicate the csv field if there are multiple order lines.

Once completed, you can select map template at the bottom of the page. Once this has been enabled, you will be able to see your orders exported to your FTP area or your chosen destination. 


  • When a file setup is enabled, the order file will be automatically generated once the customer completes their transaction.
  • When a file setup is disabled, the order file can be generated by 'pushing' the file to export within the 'edit' order page.
  • Fixed values can be included within the template fields with blank mapping or within the setup box as fixed value prefix : prefix_here{VAL}
  • The order output file can be prefixed with a character if required.
  • The order output file can be time stamped. This would change from: {ORDER_ID}.csv we would now have {ORDER_ID}_{TIMESTAMP}.csv
  • An output containing supplier only items can be setup for FTP retrieval, for further information please contact Liquidshop support.