In this article you will be shown how to set up your email with android operating systems. The images used in this guide reflect Android OS 4.4 (KitKat), used on Samsung S4.

  • Go to your Apps and select Email.

  • Enter your email address and password for that email address, then select next.

  • You will now need to select either POP3 ACCOUNT or IMAP ACCOUNT. For more information on POP and IMAp can be found¬†here.

  • You will now need to enter your incoming server details. Firstly your email address and your user name which is also your email address. You will then need to type your password for that email address. The IMAP server is required because i have chosen to set my email account up as an IMAP account. This will be (Note that this is your website domain, note yourdomain). security information is automatically displayed so there is no need to edit these. Once complete, tap next.¬†

  • Now the outgoing server settings. SMTP server is acquired from your network provider so you will need to contact them for this information. Once again, all of the other fields are filled in automatically so there is no need to adjust.

  • You can now set up your email by giving your account a name and adding your name which will be on all outgoing messages.

  • Your account options allow you to choose how often you want your account to fetch email. It also gives you the option to be notified of when you receive email.

  • Once you have saved your options your email account will now ready to use.