Order Process Emails are system generated emails that are sent after various actions. 'Account Created' (if not guest) and 'Item Pending' / 'Collect Order Placed' and 'BACS Pending' are the first to be automatically sent. Order processing or status changes require the website administrator to action the notification of sending. Order Process Emails are preset templates within your back office so you can't add new emails. You can however edit them as shown below.

Firstly, go into the back office of your website and select 'Settings' as highlighted. You will then need to select the 'Email' tab which will display the image below. 

Under the header 'Order Process Emails' are the preset templates and in the far right column there is the header 'Actions'. In this column you can see the small pencil icon and by clicking this, it will take you through to the email edit page. Here you can change the email title and it's content. The email will have preset content which you may edit but we advise against removing the custom tags as these will automatically provide specific order information. An example of an email is shown below. The dashed box displays the perimeter of the template and your company logo will automatically be included.

Note: The sending of 'Order Pressing Emails' can be controlled via status update CSV files.