Trigger email statistics can provide information on how affective the trigger email is. To view your statistics, simply click the pie chart symbol next to the email you wish to view. This has been highlighted in the image below.

By clicking on the pie chart you will be taken through to the statistics page as shown in the image below. Firstly there is the box with the heading 'statistics'. The first line shows how many of that type of email has been sent, with the box immediately below showing the figures of how many people followed the link on the email. The 2 boxes to the right show how many purchases have been made from customers coming from the trigger emails. There is also a percentage showing the conversion rate for those who have bought items. 

Below the 'Statistics' box is the 'Sent to' box. This will show which customers have received a trigger email. In the far right hand side is the 'actions' column, where you can view the customers order with the magnifying glass. The link symbol shows if they have clicked through from the email and the calculator icon shows if it has been a converted sale.