Trigger emails can be used as a prompt for customers to return to the website for various reasons. For example, a trigger email can be sent after a customer has placed an order, asking them to leave a review. Or it could be used to prompt a customer back to your website after they have left an open basket of items. You can also put discount codes in with the emails. For example '50% off of your next shop' after a customer has bought from you site could be included. Remember to not use trigger emails for marketing as there is no unsubscribe link.

To set up trigger emails, simply go to your settings in the back office and select the 'Emails' tab. You will then come to the page shown below where you can 'Add trigger email' and by clicking this you will be taken through to the setup page.

The image below show the setup page. The first box asks for a trigger name. This is something for your own reference and can not be seen by customers. The second box is the email subject. This name can be seen by customers. Next are the 2 drop down menus titled 'Trigger event' and 'Trigger clause'. These will ask you at which point of the shopping process you would like the email to be sent. You can also decide how long after the customer has been on your site, as to when you want to send the email. This can be done in the final two boxes. At the bottom of the page is the content box. This where you would write your email, so anything you put here can be see by who ever it is sent to. There is also an example of a trigger email and how you can expect this page to be set up.

Don't forget to use custom tags in the content box for generic content such as Customer name and company details as shown below.

Once you have created your trigger email, you are then able to edit the contents with the edit pencil, view statistics by clicking the pie chart symbol, enable or disable the email with the cross and tick icon or you can delete it with the dustbin icon. These icons are highlighted in the red box below.