This section will outline the process required to manually export data from Liquidshop including selecting the relevant fields and filtering the results. Please note that all functionality in this section requires the Database Tools module.

1. Select your fields for export

The first step is to select the fields you need to export, all fields are grouped into sections (eg. Product Options or Product Display) if you cannot see the field(s) you would to export, please contact the Support Department for clarification.

2. Filtering your export

When you have selected your fields for the export, you can filter your results using the download filters. These allow you to refine your results by Brand, Collection, Status, Stock and by Category. These filters are particularly useful if you want to download and view/edit a particular range or section from your product database.

3. What's next?

Opening the file in Excel

If you have any product codes that begin with a '0' (zero) you may find that when you open your export file in Excel the '0' disapears, this is due to settings within Excel. To prevent this, open Excel from your start menu, and go to File > Open and select your CSV file, you will then be given open/import options. Be sure to specify that your product code column is imported as a 'text' field to prevent the loss of any leading zeros.

Saving the file to upload back to Liquidshop

If you intend to import this data back into Liquidshop, when saving the file, be sure to save the file as a CSV, please note that CSV format does not support multiple sheets.