From the tab 'Shipping Zones', click on the 'Lorry Icon' along the row of your desired zone.

If you are adding a delivery method for the first time to a zone you can copy one from an existing zone, or create one from scratch.

  • Clicking on the green button 'Add new delivery Method' - will start the process.
  • Use the drop menu to select the desired zone and then press copy. Once copied you will be able to edit the setup.

Depending on how you have started you will now either have the method setup window or method listing, if you have the latter, click on the edit pencil to gain access to method setup.

From this page, you can now setup your method parameters. Please see below the image for an explanation of these fields.

Delivery Method Name - the name of your method could simply be 'Standard', however the name will display on the order detail or if more that one method is given as a choice, then this will display to your customers, in which case, it should reflect the selected service. For example; Next Day & Standard.

Delivery Costs Calculated As - this is how the method will apply the charge, for this scenario we will use 'Flat Rate', to use an alternative please refer to article 'Delivery Method Calculation Options'.

Dispatch Confirmation Email - can be changed from the default to use a custom template email.

Courier Tracking URL - if courier tracking numbers are used then the courier tracking page URL can be added. This adds a link within the back office order and within the customers account for that order.

Courier Tracking Code - either allows you to display internal Liquidshop order code or actual courier tracking code within the order and dispatch email.

Courier Will Deliver - use this to set the estimated delivery dates, if next day then add '1' to each box. With the fastest shipping feature, the date display is based on the 'to' days setting.

Courier Stops Delivering At - this is the latest collection time from your warehouse for your courier. Any order after that set time will then be timed from the following day.

Manual Orders Only - use this setting if you require a shipping method to be used only for a manual order, note, will not display for a customer.

Delivery & Despatch Days - select each of these as required for the shipping method.

Override Free Shipping - selecting this option stops the delivery zone 'Free Shipping' value being applied to the method.

Charge Extra For Outlying Areas - using this will apply the postcode surcharges from the 'Outlying Postcode' section.

Override Vouchers - When a shipping voucher is set and this is applied, then the shipping voucher will not be valid for the method.

Next Step - ticking this box and clicking on 'Add Delivery Method' will allow to set the shipping prices.