New unique feature now available from Liqudshop

Our design and support team are constantly looking at different ways to develop and update our features available on Liquidshop v.3, all to help improve our clients websites and the user experience for their customers browsing the site. 


The latest new feature, designed in house by our development team, lets the user control the quantity increments of a product that can be sold when added to the basket from a product page. Through use of the + and – buttons on either side of the amounts, the desired quantity can be selected but only in the set amounts for that item. 


Such features are simple for our clients to implement and style in to become part of their websites, and really can add value. Customers often value a versatile website that is easy to use, yet feature rich and responsive to the differing demands of the wide range of customers that are browsing and purchasing from the site. Modern ecommerce relies on websites being easy to use and browse, ensuring that there are as few barriers as possible between browsing and purchasing products and services. 


Please contact our support team to find out more and availability for your store – contact us by clicking here.

Example of the QTY Increment Buttons in action – shows display of quantity of product, and the plus and minus buttons on either side that makes for easy editing.